Cellulite is a common term used to describe superficial pockets of fat, which causes uneven dimpling or “orange peel” skin. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not related to obesity. It appears in 90 percent of post-adolescent women and is rarely seen in men. If cellulite on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen has become a problem for you, then NovaTrim® could be just the solution you need.


With NovaTrim®, our Central Florida patients are able to reduce the appearance of cellulite and sculpt their bodies through Endermologie. Some of the most significant benefits attributed to Endermologie include:

  • Stretching of connective tissue
  • Increase of blood and lymphatic flow
  • Skin exfoliation Stimulation of collagen production
  • Facilitation of fat metabolism

How NovaTrim® Works

Endermologie is a mechanized massage modality that uses rollers and gentle suctioning to deeply massage the affected areas, increasing circulation, expelling toxins and excess water, and reducing cellulite. It also yields excellent body sculpting results as well as smoothing and tightening of the skin into a sleeker form.

At the heart of the Endermologie® process is a machine consisting of two adjustable rollers and controlled suction. This motorized device gently folds and unfolds the skin under the continuous action of the rollers, allowing for smooth and regulated deep-tissue mobilization. As the viscosity of the subcutaneous fat layer decreases, blood flow and lymphatic drainage increase, facilitating the elimination of excess fluid and metabolites and improving overall cellular function. It’s like a deep-tissue massage that increases blood and lymphatic flow.

Endermologie sessions rarely exceed 45 minutes, but there is no down time. Most patients will need anywhere from 6 to 15 such sessions to achieve optimal results. As with all cellulite treatments, the effects are temporary — follow-up sessions will need to be scheduled to maintain results.

But the remarkable deep massage therapy sessions are only one-fourth of the equation in the quest for a great body. Our NovaTrim® treatment in Orlando is a lifestyle — a healthy balance of moderate exercise, sensible eating and plenty of water. It’s all about increasing the body’s circulation and boosting the natural metabolic processes.

Is NovaTrim® Right for Me?

If you’re searching for a healthy, relaxing, painless, non-invasive FDA-approved treatment for reducing cellulite therapy for those parts of your body that seem to resist firming and shaping then consider NovaTrim®, our exclusive body-contouring system at Nova Cosmetic MedSpa in Orlando.

Dr. Jan V. Karlin welcomes men and women from the Greater Central Florida area to learn more about the amazing benefits of NovaTrim®. Please call us 407-378-7277.